Our advertisers benefit from more advantages advertising with us, than with any other coupon magazine program.

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to discuss how we can drive more traffic to your business, please contact us at:

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Advantages for our advertisers:

  • The Coupon Cart is owned/operated by a family-owned Capital District Company

  •  We mail to the highest income homes in each mailed zip code

  •  We run local homeowner and consumer Focus Groups in the market several times per year to measure consumer opinion and coupon usage and buying trends

  •  Our ads can cost less than 1 cent per home

  •  Our magazines are limited to a lower page count – you’re a “Big Fish” in our pond

  •  We offer category exclusivity (on a per case basis)

  •  Our mailing lists are carefully created to maximize home-owning recipients

  •  In addition to the mailed copies, we distribute “pickup” magazines for free

  •  “Pickup” copies go to colleges, hotels, shopping centers, offices, and advertisers

  •  Our heavy-weight, high gloss paper gives our magazines a very high-quality feel

  •  Our magazine page width is the widest of any competing coupon magazine

  •  All our advertisers receive sample magazines and Official USPS Proof of Mailed Quantity receipts upon each mailing (we mail what we say we will, and we prove it)

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